The Autumns…

Okay, so with my first proper post, im gonna write about the best band on the planet at this current time…L.A’s The Autumns! Now normally, i would say Iron Maiden are the best band on the planet, but for the time being, i just can’t get enough of The Autumns and their new material…

The new album, Fake Noise from a Box of Toys, is due out on October 8th in the U.K (next year for America), and i can’t wait to get it! After hearing some of the tracks, i’ve gotta say it is quite a departure from previous albums. The songs are much more immediate, and choruses seem to be much more prominent!

Now, i have heard grumblings amongst other fans that the departure is too great, and that The Autumns’ have just turned into A.N.Other rock band…but i think they’re missing the point…

…the earlier albums were shoegazer albums, no question, and with this new edgier sound, the older fans appear to be worried that the band are leaving their roots behind – however, like all good musicians, they have actually adapted the sound! On some of the songs, the most beautiful sounds emerge, and Matthew Kelly’s vocals have never seemed sweeter or more gorgeous than on one particular track (which i am not gonna name…i don’t want to spoil the suprise!)…so for those who are dismissing the band as sell-outs, then don’t give up hope just yet!

On the otherhand, i can understand some people’s disappointment in the choice of the first single, Boys (out on Oct 1st U.K), as, from what i’ve heard at least, it is definitely the most un-Autumns track on the album…hence, why some people have come in with negative criticism. In comparison, i love Boys and think it has one of the catchiest choruses ever!!!

Anyway, i think i’m getting too deep into this subject at the present time, as i need to save some of my ramblings for when i actually review the album and the single (i shall review the single shortly, having received a promo copy)!! I just thought i’d let my opinion be known beforehand…

…peace and all that stuff…a.b

Links to the autumns… official website

Join in the chatter with other autumns fans… official forum



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