Radiohead…still alive?!?

So, Radiohead have started posting again on their blog (Dead Air Space)…at first, confirming that they were still alive(!)…starting a crazy amount of speculation about codes and secret messages…

…people are suggesting that the track listing etc might be being given away in these ‘secret messages’…with a number of people deciphering the codes – revealing random phrases…

…i don’t know…heck, i’m not in Radiohead so i have no idea…

…what i do know, is that their 7th album is finished and is sitting on the shelf, waiting for a record deal…although it isn’t scheduled for release until next year – far too long for me to wait…as this was one of my most anticipated releases of the year!!!

Anywho, i’m gonna get over that fact, and be content that the new Autumns’ album will be out soon…but if you’re interested in code-breaking, then keep an eye on the radiohead website…and good luck with it if you do want to try…I, on the other hand, am too busy writing about randomness to spend my time cracking codes…

…i will write a more interesting post tomorrow…a review of something…finally…


Radiohead Home

Join in with the code-breaking:


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