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The Autumns Live in the UK


Videos of performance: Here 

So, i finally saw the Autumns live…and they were very good…very, very good!!! As i mentioned in a previous post, i wasn’t sure if any band could beat Iron Maiden and take the top slot of my all-time favourite gigs…and i’m still not sure!!!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was amazing seeing the band live, but i was a little disappointed with the length of the sets (i saw them twice, you see!!), as the first time they only played around half-an-hour, and the second time was probably about 40/45 mins – even if they had played 10mins longer, i would have felt happier, as they have so many great songs that i want to hear live!! Alas, that is not likely, and i have to be content with what i get, and what i did get was two memorable performances!!! The length of the set could really be my only criticism, but i think that they may just have done enough to beat Iron Maiden – but it is marginal…

Anyway, back to the performance, the setlist for the first show was as follows:

‘Turning Strangers Into Friends…’, ‘Boys’, ‘Clem’, ‘The Midnight Knock’, ‘Killer In Drag’, ‘The End’, ‘Deathly Little Dreams’ and ‘Oh My Heart’ … and if you’re looking at that set-list thinking, “these song titles mean nothing to me”, then you need to go and buy some Autumns’ albums now…right now!!!

As soon as the band hit the first notes, i could tell that it was going to be good – the sound thundered around the room as the band opened with the opening tracks of the new album – a very immediate and unrelenting wave of music that barely gives you a chance to catch your breath. It seemed to take some of the crowd by surprise, especially considering that they had just been listening to the acoustic ballads of first support act Jacob Golden –  a musician who is easy on the ears, with some good songs, but perhaps a bit too much like too many singer-songwriters out there – it is my belief that, if you’re going to be one man and a guitar on stage, you need to do something different, and he just didn’t do enough to prove that to me! A shame, as he does seem to have quite a bit of potential…

Back to The Autumns, and the energetic start was retained throughout the first three tracks, as the band played the songs tightly and impressively – Matthew Kelly (lead singer and guitar), even broke out into his dance moves from the ‘Boys’ video!!!

Throughout the whole performance, i found it difficult to find fault in any of the songs – maybe just the odd missed note here and there – but it was the sound of a band on top form, as they wooed the crowd, impressing them with tracks from the new album, along with two tracks from their 3rd full length, the self-titled record, showing the band’s more epic and melodic sound.

By the end of the last song, the anthemic ‘Oh My Heart’, i found myself wishing the band to play longer, but it wasn’t to be, as they were only second support to The Kissaway Trail (who sounded like they played well enough, but i didn’t actually watch the performance!!) – i’m just hoping that Bella Union decides to do some actual work in promoting the album and new single (‘Killer In Drag’ is supposed to be out early next year), as the amount of coverage and support The Autumns have received from their record label is pretty awful – the band deserve so much better, as the new album has had barely any press!!! If i was in The Autumns, i would be knocking on Simon Raymonde’s door demanding an explanation, but i’m not, so that won’t be happening!!!

Anywho, in summary, The Autumns are an amazing live band, and i was blown away by both performances that i saw – if you get a chance to see The Autumns live, then take it straight away. Hopefully, the band will be back next Year (February potentially!!!), and i can’t wait…i’m gonna start counting down the days!!!


Photos from the Autumns performance at Manchester Roadhouse(15/11/2007): Here

Videos from above performance: Here

The Autumns Official Website


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All quiet on the Western Front…

Hmm…time has flown by since i last posted on here – although it only feels like yesterday…i’m beginning to think that i’ve lost all sense of time!!!

Anywho, i am presently quite busy, or at least would be, if i actually got around to doing some work!!! I’m halfway through an review of The Cribs’ latest album (which will first be posted on, and am planning on reviewing The Twilight Sad!

I also have random University work to do – not that you actually care!!!

Music has also been coming more to the fore-front, as my various musical ideas are beginning to form…in my head at least…hmmm…we shall see…

I saw Andrew Bird play Manchester last Thursday, and it was the most amazing performance – perhaps not my top live show, as Iron Maiden are refusing to let go of that crown – but it was certainly a great night! Playing most of his recent ‘Armchair Aprocrypha’ album, Andrew Bird and his band have formed into the complete live act…they have this seemingly telepathic link that lets each one know what the other is going to do next!!! It’s impressive to watch…although i was disappointed that they didn’t play ‘Fake Palindromes’ or ‘Tables and Chairs’…hopefully next time…but ‘Dr Stringz’ did raise a smile! Anyway, a performance that i won’t soon be forgetting…and the support act Loney, Dear were also very good…i’m gonna have to purchase some of their albums methinks!

The Autumns on Thursday – a comprehensive review will be produced – i can’t wait for it…maybe Iron Maiden could be knocked off the top…we shall see!

Anyway, this was just a short update to tide you over…i’ll try not to take so long next time…


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