Albums of 2007 – Number 8: Hot Hot Heat


Hot Hot Heat – Happiness LTD

When i was writing this review in my head, as i often do with these things, i was planning on saying that Hot Hot Heat had returned to the same critical acclaim that they had originally won on their debut album…but, shockingly, when doing some background research (i was intrigued to see what other reviewers had said!), i found that this album has had some mixed reviews. Some say that there are few stand-out tracks; or that they sound like just another indie band; or they’re not ‘experimental’ enough…

All i can say is…YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG…seriously…’Happiness LTD’ is a great pop album, and it makes no sense to me how it could be argued any other way. After their second album ‘Elevator’ was released with little fuss or hype, whilst also receiving mixed reviews, i was questioning just what the band had to do to gain some credit…’Elevator’ was perhaps not as strong as their album, ‘Make Up The Breakdown’, but it was still an entertaining and enjoyable listen…and ‘Happiness LTD’ is even better.

Opening with the title track, Steve Bays states that ‘Happiness is limited, but misery has no end’ – an intriguing opening line on what is one of the most upbeat and joyous albums of the year. Yes, the lyrics are tending towards the darker side of life at times, but the music remains as bouncy as a jelly on a bouncy castle (what?!?).

The best elements of Hot Hot Heat’s past have been brought together on this album, culminating in a wide-range of songs, from the out-right, sing-along anthems of ‘Let Me In’ and ‘Harmonicas and Tambourines’, to the moving ballads of ‘Outta Heart’ and ‘So So Cold’. This is an album that keeps the listener engaged, and is great to sing along to!!!

Overall, Hot Hot Heat have always been stronger on the faster songs, and that is the case on this album – with my personal favourites being ‘My Best Fiend’, which opens with some speedy piano, and ‘Give Up’, both of which have memorable choruses and are pop at its finest…a band on top form!!!

So take it from me, this album is well worth buying, as Hot Hot Heat prove that they can still make great music – and they’re an amazing live band as well!!!

…see you for no.7 tomorrow…


Hot Hot Heat Official

Hot Hot Heat Myspace


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