Albums of 2007 – Number 7: The Twilight Sad


The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

I’m going to be honest at this point, and tell you that, had you asked me what my album of the year was earlier in the year, then this would have been my first choice by a long way – but as things go, better albums have come out. This is saying a lot, as this album is as close to musical perfection as you could find!!!

Maybe, that is a slight exaggeration, or maybe, it is not going far enough – i must point out, that the albums on my ‘best of 2007’ list from 5-10 swap round continuously depending on my mood…so this list is merely provisional… Anyway, back to the topic – The Twilight Sad!!! I recall hearing them being described as a ‘punk Belle and Sebastian’, and that is certainly one way to describe them! Due to them being from Scotland, the accent of the lead singer is thick and pronounced – one of the key features of the band.

Another, is the music, as the band create epic soundscapes that wash over the listener – there are thick layers here, of which it is obvious that the band have spent hours upon hours crafting the album to sound just as they wanted…and with this, is a magical and engaging experience for the listener. The lyrics are drenched in feelings and emotions, for example, in the song ‘that summer, at home i had become the invisible boy’, the haunting line of ‘the kids are on fire in the bedroom’ is a reflection on just how dark the lyrics get on this album – but they join together with the music so well, that at times it can almost bring you to tears.

Every word is meant – these songs have been designed as an out-pouring of feeling from the band, and they work so well!!! Heck, this is an AMAZING album , and you can only hope that this band continue to produce such great music. My only criticism could be, is that, after playing it so many times when i first bought it, i am now not listening to it that much, as it can get a bit repetitive…

But that’s only because i listened to it constantly for about 5 months…so it’s going to happen.

This is one of the best albums of the year – and is certainly the best debut album of the year, and it is no suprise to me that they received rave reviews from the media, and have been touring with an established band like Idlewild. The Twilight Sad, based on this album, are destined for much bigger and better things – and i hope they achieve this, as i love this album!!!


Twilight Sad Myspace

The Fans of Twilight Sad Website


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