The Autumns – ‘Killer In Drag’ EP

So, according to, The Autumns new EP, ‘Killer In Drag’, will be out in the UK on the 8th June 2008, including the radio edit version of the song, along with 3 remixes (all of which have been available on various myspaces at some point…with the Evol Intent version still being available on The Autumns’ myspace page)!!!

Of course, i currently have no idea as to how the EP wil be produced physically, but i imagine that it will be on CD this time, as opposed to the ‘Boys’ vinyl!!! However, i’m just excited that it looks like it will be out in a month’s time – and the fact that we are being spoilt by having two singles released from this album!!!

Anyway, if i find out anymore information, then i shall post it…



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2 responses to “The Autumns – ‘Killer In Drag’ EP

  1. The cover looks like Gorillaz. Does they sound like the Gorillaz too? I better check them out on the Internet. They are quiet intriguing.

  2. musicstuffetc

    Although they don’t really sound like Gorillaz, they are certainly a band that you should check out – it never hurts to try something new…

    The artwork is by Aaron Kraten, whose various art pieces can be found here:
    He has done all of the Autumns’ artwork for their latest album and singles…

    Hope that you like The Autumns…i certainly do!!!

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