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Albums of 2007 – Number 3: Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha

In my mind, there is no doubt that Andrew Bird’s latest album is one of the best of 2007!!! There is such pure beauty in this album that it amazes me how Andrew Bird made it…after the promising ‘Mysterious Production Of Eggs’ album, Andrew has honed his skills and crafted an album that puts many to shame!

The layers of different instruments create a magical effect, as the sound builds up into an amazing collection of pure music…something natural and untainted, compared to the gloss of modern mainstream music! I don’t know if you can understand what i’m saying…i’m not even sure i understand what i am saying – but there is something about this album that leaves the listener lost in the sounds…mesmerised by its release of emotion and feeling…

Erm, i think i might be losing the plot a bit now…so moving on to more conventional analysis…Andrew Bird is a gifted musician, as he plays violin majestically, and his voice has obvious comparisons to Jeff Buckley, for his range and style!!! That is not all however, as Andrew is also a very talented whistler, and he often incorporates it into the music, adding a further layer to it!!!

The songs are all very strong, with my highlights being ‘Imitosis’, ‘Simple X’ and ‘Scythian Empires’, but all deserve a listen, as Andrew tries many different styles on each of his songs!

Special mention goes to the closing track ‘Yawny at the Apocalypse’, which, although it is only a short instrumental, has one of the best titles ever (in my opinion!), and has the special quality of leaving the listener wanting more and more…

‘Armchair Apocrypha’ is therefore an exciting and mesmerising listen, and is certainly one of the best albums you could hear from 2007…and Andrew Bird seems to be going from strength to strength, which suggests that we may be hearing a lot more about him from the media in the future…here’s hoping at least!!!

Number Two next…a.b…

Andrew Bird Official

Andrew Bird Myspace


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All quiet on the Western Front…

Hmm…time has flown by since i last posted on here – although it only feels like yesterday…i’m beginning to think that i’ve lost all sense of time!!!

Anywho, i am presently quite busy, or at least would be, if i actually got around to doing some work!!! I’m halfway through an review of The Cribs’ latest album (which will first be posted on, and am planning on reviewing The Twilight Sad!

I also have random University work to do – not that you actually care!!!

Music has also been coming more to the fore-front, as my various musical ideas are beginning to form…in my head at least…hmmm…we shall see…

I saw Andrew Bird play Manchester last Thursday, and it was the most amazing performance – perhaps not my top live show, as Iron Maiden are refusing to let go of that crown – but it was certainly a great night! Playing most of his recent ‘Armchair Aprocrypha’ album, Andrew Bird and his band have formed into the complete live act…they have this seemingly telepathic link that lets each one know what the other is going to do next!!! It’s impressive to watch…although i was disappointed that they didn’t play ‘Fake Palindromes’ or ‘Tables and Chairs’…hopefully next time…but ‘Dr Stringz’ did raise a smile! Anyway, a performance that i won’t soon be forgetting…and the support act Loney, Dear were also very good…i’m gonna have to purchase some of their albums methinks!

The Autumns on Thursday – a comprehensive review will be produced – i can’t wait for it…maybe Iron Maiden could be knocked off the top…we shall see!

Anyway, this was just a short update to tide you over…i’ll try not to take so long next time…


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Okay, so, i wanted to post something today, as i’m gonna be pretty busy over the next few days – i’m moving back to Uni and i’ve got a lot of things on…so i thought i should put a random post up to keep my blog active…i was gonna do an album review, but i don’t really have the time to sit here and write up loads, so instead i’m gonna do an update of random news…in a slot i’m calling…‘The Random News Post That Interests Me, But Probably Won’t Interest Many Other People’...or..maybe not!!!

andrewbird1.jpgAndrew Bird is touring the U.K again…so any British readers check him out… he is also playing across Europe and America…CHECK HIM OUT(!)…


Official Website for a full list of dates…Andrew Bird


radiohead_3_show.jpgRadiohead‘s new album is rumoured to be out in March 2008…and i can’t wait…i’ve been going on a complete Radiohead binge recently, so the thought of a new album excites me greatly!!!


sbit_homepage_zap.jpgIron Maiden have announced tour dates in Australia…and supposedly tickets are flying…Europe will hopefully be announced soon…so, keep checking the website for details…official web


Touring Bands who i recommend you check out or go and see…


The Twilight Sad – have recieved great praise from journos everywhere and are one of the best new bands around…i will do my own review of their album soon, but it is so damn good that it will be one of my albums of the year…anywho, they’re touring with Idlewild soon… Twilight Sad Myspace


Broken Family Band – another great new British band who need to get more recognition – they’re touring Britain in October, but you need to buy their new album wherever you are…and check out their new video on youtube (it’s called ‘Leaps’)… Myspace


Bad news…The Sex Pistols have announced some new dates – now don’t get me wrong…Never Mind The B******S is a good album…but they’re charging nearly £40 for tickets…and the whole thing just stinks of ‘cash-in’ – and using the 30th anniversary as a reason to line their pockets some more…i’m just really disappointed – doesn’t really reflect a very ‘punk’ attitude does it…hmmm…


autumns.jpgFinally, just a quick reminder that The Autumns‘ new album is out, not next week, but the week after (October 8th to be precise)….and again, i can’t wait…it is going to be so good – i’m hoping i’m gonna be able to sneak a promo copy from somewhere so a review may be able to be read next week…if not, then you’re going to have to wait patiently for the week starting Oct 8th!!! Also, they’re touring with the Kissaway Trail in November…so go watch them live aswell…dates on their myspace…Autumns’ Myspace


I’m hoping to do an article on their record label…Bella Union…at some point…when i’m less busy…and i will do an actual album review soon…can’t wait can ya?!?!?


speak soon…peace…a.b


btw…i can’t believe i’ve rambled on so much!!!



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Andrew Bird hits Europe…


So…i got an e-mail on Monday saying Andrew Bird is re-visiting Europe again in November…same month that the Autumns arrive aswell…and i gotta say…i can’t wait!! Tour dates will be released this Monday…updates probably on his myspace page (see below)!

I only just missed out on seeing him last time he came to England, so this time (as long as he actually plays in England!!!), i’m definitely going to see him…i’ve heard some live recordings and he sound immense…

…so my recommendation to whoever reads this is to check out Andrew Bird (i will review a few of his albums in the next coupla weeks)…and go see him live…long live the Bird


Andrew Bird: official website

: myspace

p.s…check out his video for ‘Imitosis’…tres excellent…

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