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The Autumns – ‘Killer In Drag’ EP

So, according to, The Autumns new EP, ‘Killer In Drag’, will be out in the UK on the 8th June 2008, including the radio edit version of the song, along with 3 remixes (all of which have been available on various myspaces at some point…with the Evol Intent version still being available on The Autumns’ myspace page)!!!

Of course, i currently have no idea as to how the EP wil be produced physically, but i imagine that it will be on CD this time, as opposed to the ‘Boys’ vinyl!!! However, i’m just excited that it looks like it will be out in a month’s time – and the fact that we are being spoilt by having two singles released from this album!!!

Anyway, if i find out anymore information, then i shall post it…



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To Mr Raymonde…

I was shocked and surprised to find a comment on my blog today from Mr Simon Raymonde himself (ex-Cocteau Twins/founder of Bella Union), suggesting that i was unfair in my criticisms of Bella Union and himself… I am writing this post in the hope that he might read it (as i have no way of contacting him directly…), and as a sort of retraction of my comments! His post can be read below:

‘hello, i noticed your comments about my poor job promoting the Autumns and have to say i found that rather ignorant and ill-considered. i have said many times in the press that the Autumns album is one of the best we have ever released and its lack of coverage in the european press has been a massive disappointment to me, but i am afraid i dont write or edit the magazines and our press department pushed the album in exactly the same way we do all our bands. why one band is revered and another ignored is not something i have any influence over…it is to the journalists and radio producers who you should be aiming your ire…i signed them cos i love them and believe in them and have spent many thousands of pounds to back up my belief and i will continue to push the music towards people as long as i am able to…

simon raymonde march 08’

To be honest, i had actually forgotten that i had been quite so harsh on him, and feel slightly disappointed that he now has the view that i was overly critical! Here is what i posted on November 23rd 2007:

i’m just hoping that Bella Union decides to do some actual work in promoting the album and new single (’Killer In Drag’ is supposed to be out early next year), as the amount of coverage and support The Autumns have received from their record label is pretty awful – the band deserve so much better, as the new album has had barely any press!!! If i was in The Autumns, i would be knocking on Simon Raymonde’s door demanding an explanation, but i’m not, so that won’t be happening!!!

Reading it back, i understand how it would appear…i am perhaps too harsh on Bella Union, but that is only borne out of my frustrations at the Autumns being ignored by the media and public – i understand that Bella Union will put the same efforts in promoting every band at the same level! However, in my opinion, The Autumns are probably the finest band around at the moment, which leads me to question why they are not one of the biggest acts, not only on the Bella Union label, but in the world(!)…

Of course, there were some issues that i had with Bella Union that i did not write about in the post, but will do so here to validate my original comments: Continue reading

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Albums of 2007 – Number 1: The Autumns


The Autumns – Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys

Well, did you really expect me to put anything else as my best album of the year??? Seriously???

Sure, Radiohead almost took it, and many others were close, but for me, there is no better album in 2007 than The Autumns’ ‘Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys’…as i stated at the start of my review in September!!!

So why is this album the best??? Quite simply, it is the amazing songs, the high quality musicianship and the fact that you can listen to this album again, and again, and again…and so on…I certainly have listened to it repeatedly since i got my copy of it! How many other albums can you seriously say that about?

There are many highlights on this album, and if i listed them all, then i would be writing for hours – there are so many layers to the album that you discover new ones every time you listen to it…and this is one of the main reasons as to why it is such an enjoyable listen, as The Autumns have crafted an album so beautiful and complex, that you can uncover these hidden gems and appreciate the album even more!

Sometimes, i feel that i can not fully explain The Autumns as i would like to…at times i feel that nobody can put into words just how – for want of a better word – perfect this band is! I don’t know, perhaps i am being a crazy fan, or maybe, i just get this band (i like to think it’s the latter)…as no other band at the moment has such an influence on me as The Autumns do, and at the end of the day, if a band can move you emotionally, or influence you musically, then that band has to be doing something right!!!

In terms of musical quality, ‘Fake Noise…’ is superb, as you get a diverse range of styles and influences evident in the songs. For me, the best tracks on the album (at least, at this moment in time), are ‘Clem’, a ferocious yet beautiful track; ‘Killer In Drag’, a supreme example of top-class indie rock; ‘Night Music’, one of the most gorgeous vocal performances you could ever hear; ‘Glass Jaw’, great musical shifts with rocky guitars and fun vocals; and finally, ‘Adelaide’, which is again, another fun, upbeat number!!!

However, i also love the moments of sheer beauty on the album – ‘The Midnight Knock’ and ‘The Beautiful Boot’ – which add a nice ambient/shoegazer element to the otherwise more uptempo stuff such as the pounding guitars and beats of lead single ‘Boys’.

Then, of course, you have the epic nature of ‘Turning Strangers…’ and ‘Oh My Heart’, which… WAIT A MINUTE …am i just writing a full review again…yikes, i think i might…

So, if you hadn’t already guessed it, i love this album…and i’m not just saying that – this album would be in my Top 10 all-time greatest albums…and that means a lot in my book!!! If i had one recommendation of an album to buy from 2007, The Autumns would win every time…and i just hope that we don’t have to wait another 3 years to get the next album…as i’m sure it will be just as good!!!

And this concludes my ‘Albums of 2007’…i’m sure that many would disagree with me on some or all of my choices…but these are my favourites…and that is all that matters to me!!!

…all i have to say now, is HAPPY CHRISTMAS…i am sure that i will post again before the new year, so keep reading…


The Autumns Official

The Autumns Myspace

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The Autumns Live in the UK


Videos of performance: Here 

So, i finally saw the Autumns live…and they were very good…very, very good!!! As i mentioned in a previous post, i wasn’t sure if any band could beat Iron Maiden and take the top slot of my all-time favourite gigs…and i’m still not sure!!!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was amazing seeing the band live, but i was a little disappointed with the length of the sets (i saw them twice, you see!!), as the first time they only played around half-an-hour, and the second time was probably about 40/45 mins – even if they had played 10mins longer, i would have felt happier, as they have so many great songs that i want to hear live!! Alas, that is not likely, and i have to be content with what i get, and what i did get was two memorable performances!!! The length of the set could really be my only criticism, but i think that they may just have done enough to beat Iron Maiden – but it is marginal…

Anyway, back to the performance, the setlist for the first show was as follows:

‘Turning Strangers Into Friends…’, ‘Boys’, ‘Clem’, ‘The Midnight Knock’, ‘Killer In Drag’, ‘The End’, ‘Deathly Little Dreams’ and ‘Oh My Heart’ … and if you’re looking at that set-list thinking, “these song titles mean nothing to me”, then you need to go and buy some Autumns’ albums now…right now!!!

As soon as the band hit the first notes, i could tell that it was going to be good – the sound thundered around the room as the band opened with the opening tracks of the new album – a very immediate and unrelenting wave of music that barely gives you a chance to catch your breath. It seemed to take some of the crowd by surprise, especially considering that they had just been listening to the acoustic ballads of first support act Jacob Golden –  a musician who is easy on the ears, with some good songs, but perhaps a bit too much like too many singer-songwriters out there – it is my belief that, if you’re going to be one man and a guitar on stage, you need to do something different, and he just didn’t do enough to prove that to me! A shame, as he does seem to have quite a bit of potential…

Back to The Autumns, and the energetic start was retained throughout the first three tracks, as the band played the songs tightly and impressively – Matthew Kelly (lead singer and guitar), even broke out into his dance moves from the ‘Boys’ video!!!

Throughout the whole performance, i found it difficult to find fault in any of the songs – maybe just the odd missed note here and there – but it was the sound of a band on top form, as they wooed the crowd, impressing them with tracks from the new album, along with two tracks from their 3rd full length, the self-titled record, showing the band’s more epic and melodic sound.

By the end of the last song, the anthemic ‘Oh My Heart’, i found myself wishing the band to play longer, but it wasn’t to be, as they were only second support to The Kissaway Trail (who sounded like they played well enough, but i didn’t actually watch the performance!!) – i’m just hoping that Bella Union decides to do some actual work in promoting the album and new single (‘Killer In Drag’ is supposed to be out early next year), as the amount of coverage and support The Autumns have received from their record label is pretty awful – the band deserve so much better, as the new album has had barely any press!!! If i was in The Autumns, i would be knocking on Simon Raymonde’s door demanding an explanation, but i’m not, so that won’t be happening!!!

Anywho, in summary, The Autumns are an amazing live band, and i was blown away by both performances that i saw – if you get a chance to see The Autumns live, then take it straight away. Hopefully, the band will be back next Year (February potentially!!!), and i can’t wait…i’m gonna start counting down the days!!!


Photos from the Autumns performance at Manchester Roadhouse(15/11/2007): Here

Videos from above performance: Here

The Autumns Official Website

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Reviewed…Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys – The Autumns

Note: This review is very long, for which i apologise…but i don’t want that to put you off – please read!!!

See also: Review on is different except individual tracks!) : Link


I’m going to start this review with a statement that you may or may not agree with – probably the latter, but that should have no bearing on the overall outcome of my writing! Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys by The Autumns is the best album of the year! Now, many will disagree with that, and a minority will agree, as this album is not going to have huge commercial success; the band are not going to become household names and nor will they have regular airplay on the radio or television. They will also not perform headline gigs on sell-out tours…and this is because, every so often, there is a band who slips unnoticed by the public eye. This has been the case for The Autumns since their 1st L.P The Angel Pool in 1997, whilst other bands who have been cited as being similar to The Autumns, have gone on to great acclaim, for example, Muse and Radiohead. Continue reading

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Radiohead…in rainbows?!?


So…the new album will be out next week – at least online anyway, as it’s available for digital download…or, for the more completest Radiohead fan, you can buy the Discbox, which includes the actual album, entitled ‘In Rainbows’, along with a second disc of songs that didn’t make the final cut, a vinyl version of the album, plus a wide range of photos, etc…all for the price of £40…to be received on December 3rd! Of course, if you buy the discbox set, you also get the album to be downloaded for free next week…a very nice gesture of the band…

…alternatively, you can pay absolutely nothing, as Radiohead have introduced a ‘pay as much as you want’ plan for the download, so you can pay nothing…or everything…your choice!!!

Personally, i decided that the discbox looked the best buy…so i went ahead and bought it! The tracklisting of the album looks good (a number of videos are floating around Youtube – so you can ‘try before you buy’!), and, as it’s Radiohead, i think it’s almost guaranteed that the album will be great…i mean, i don’t think Radiohead have actually made a bad album!!! Although i’m not impressed with the album title…it doesn’t really fit for me…but i’m not going to let that affect my judgement on the album – i will review it when i receive it!!!

Anyway, this news was greeted by me with many smiles and much happiness…so that’s the most important thing!!!

As a side note: The Autumns new album ‘Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys’ is out next Monday in the UK – i hope to do a review around Wednesday/Thursday so keep your eyes peeled!!!


Radiohead: In Rainbows link

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Singled Out…The Autumns – Boys

This new section of posts, now entitled ‘Singled Out’, has been created for reviewing singles…i’m not really a regular buyer of singles, so there will probably not be many of these types of posts, but i thought i would create it anyway…

Moving on, the first review that i am going to perform, is on the Autumns’ new single, ‘Boys’, released on the 1st October in the U.K through Bella Union.

Now, i have already previewed this single in my earlier post about the Autumns, but this will be a bit more concise…so, here goes…

‘Boys’ is not your typical Autumns track…it has heavily distorted guitars (more so than normal!), synths, a more prominent chorus and it is finished in under three minutes…and i can’t think of that many more recent Autumns’ tracks to be finished in three minutes! With a hammering drum intro, the song moves straight into the verse…again, not something you normally associate with the Autumns…with lead singer Matthew Kelly reciting the band’s usual abstract poetry over Frankie Koroshec’s many chord changes and Dustin Morgan’s grinding bass! From the off, the track sounds nothing like the bands usual sound…

…and then the chorus hits you in the face…the synth punctuating the start of each new line…forming perhaps one of the catchiest choruses ever, especially the refrain, which stays in your head for days…seriously…

The song has a slight pause whilst the band catch their breath…the strained guitar hammering over the drum rolls…to build back into the final chorus, with group vocals singing the refrain…before the song finishes almost as soon as it started! A key factor in the song’s success is the amazing performance of Steve Elkins on the drums…it fits the song perfectly and keeps the song moving at its awesome pace. However, this track has come into criticism by some, who believe that the Autumns’ are denying their shoegazer roots and searching for the commercial sounds that dominate the radio…and yes, i can see their point, the song does sound more like a band trying to sound alternative, but i think it is a natural progression, and not at all representative of the band’s ‘new’ sound! This track is an obvious choice for a first single, so that it can find it’s way into a market that is polluted with bands sounding the same, and stand out from the others by doing things differently – thus introducing people to the band’s more melodic, shoegazer side…

…which is evidenced on b-side, ‘Joy’, another short slice of music, but completely different to ‘Boys’! ‘Joy’ is backed by clean guitars, chiming underneath Matt Kelly’s gorgeous vocals…before the song breaks down into handclaps and finally a horn section at the end. It is a perfect slice of pop music…easy on the ears and a treat to listen to!

So, overall, ‘Boys’ is an intriguing first single from the band, which has created fear in some fans hearts, whilst attracting new listeners! I just hope that the dismissers of the song do not take it as a representation of the whole new album, as i’ve heard some tracks, and have been very impressed! But, in my opinion, ‘Boys’ is a catchy song that is the perfect choice as a single…and you’ve got to buy it when it’s released to hear the beautiful ‘Joy’…



you can get the single from Bella Union on Oct 1st: Shop

and check out their myspace to hear the song and see the video : The Autumns

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