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Singled out…The Cribs – ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?’

*Unfortunately, i do not have the lyrics for this song, but a link to some discussion on them can be found here!!!


The Cribs release a third single from their ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ album, along with an exclusive new track, with new b-sides. This double A-side single has been released in three versions, a normal CD, a normal vinyl and a picture disc – which can all be ordered off the band’s website.

‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant’ is a continuation of the style of music on ‘MNWNW’, as The Cribs craft a song with the same venom and anti-conformity lyrics that have been present on all three previous albums, but in a much more mature way. The guitars are crisper, the vocals more tame, and the drums are pounding. It shows a true maturity in the band, as they adapt their former love of lo-fi recording and turn it into anthemic indie songs. As with most of the songs off the new album, the band are able to write another sing-along chorus, with the vocals bouncing over the guitar notes – a hook that can stay in your head for days!

Its partner in crime is the opening track from the new album, ‘Our Bovine Public’ – a short burst of angst against the commercial and false nature of the music industry (‘you would never exist without us’) . Again, this track is perfectly formed, as Ryan Jarman’s vocals are spat out with anger and disgust…with a strong backing from his brothers.

The final track on the CD version is another new track, ‘My Adolescent Dreams’, a song that could easily have come off the band’s first album – a much more lo-fi affair! Distorted vocals and guitar are the key feature here…with a short yet messy solo thrown into the middle of the song, whilst the end is an explosion of noise. This track is the sound of a band having fun, and who seem to be able to do no wrong!

A fine single then, from perhaps the best British band at the moment – let’s hope that The Cribs continue to have so much fun playing music, and that their next album will be another fine one! Hopefully, a review of their ‘MNWNW’ album will be up soon!!!

The Cribs Official

The Cribs Myspace


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Singled Out…The Autumns – Boys

This new section of posts, now entitled ‘Singled Out’, has been created for reviewing singles…i’m not really a regular buyer of singles, so there will probably not be many of these types of posts, but i thought i would create it anyway…

Moving on, the first review that i am going to perform, is on the Autumns’ new single, ‘Boys’, released on the 1st October in the U.K through Bella Union.

Now, i have already previewed this single in my earlier post about the Autumns, but this will be a bit more concise…so, here goes…

‘Boys’ is not your typical Autumns track…it has heavily distorted guitars (more so than normal!), synths, a more prominent chorus and it is finished in under three minutes…and i can’t think of that many more recent Autumns’ tracks to be finished in three minutes! With a hammering drum intro, the song moves straight into the verse…again, not something you normally associate with the Autumns…with lead singer Matthew Kelly reciting the band’s usual abstract poetry over Frankie Koroshec’s many chord changes and Dustin Morgan’s grinding bass! From the off, the track sounds nothing like the bands usual sound…

…and then the chorus hits you in the face…the synth punctuating the start of each new line…forming perhaps one of the catchiest choruses ever, especially the refrain, which stays in your head for days…seriously…

The song has a slight pause whilst the band catch their breath…the strained guitar hammering over the drum rolls…to build back into the final chorus, with group vocals singing the refrain…before the song finishes almost as soon as it started! A key factor in the song’s success is the amazing performance of Steve Elkins on the drums…it fits the song perfectly and keeps the song moving at its awesome pace. However, this track has come into criticism by some, who believe that the Autumns’ are denying their shoegazer roots and searching for the commercial sounds that dominate the radio…and yes, i can see their point, the song does sound more like a band trying to sound alternative, but i think it is a natural progression, and not at all representative of the band’s ‘new’ sound! This track is an obvious choice for a first single, so that it can find it’s way into a market that is polluted with bands sounding the same, and stand out from the others by doing things differently – thus introducing people to the band’s more melodic, shoegazer side…

…which is evidenced on b-side, ‘Joy’, another short slice of music, but completely different to ‘Boys’! ‘Joy’ is backed by clean guitars, chiming underneath Matt Kelly’s gorgeous vocals…before the song breaks down into handclaps and finally a horn section at the end. It is a perfect slice of pop music…easy on the ears and a treat to listen to!

So, overall, ‘Boys’ is an intriguing first single from the band, which has created fear in some fans hearts, whilst attracting new listeners! I just hope that the dismissers of the song do not take it as a representation of the whole new album, as i’ve heard some tracks, and have been very impressed! But, in my opinion, ‘Boys’ is a catchy song that is the perfect choice as a single…and you’ve got to buy it when it’s released to hear the beautiful ‘Joy’…



you can get the single from Bella Union on Oct 1st: Shop

and check out their myspace to hear the song and see the video : The Autumns

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