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Albums of 2007 – Number 6: The White Stripes


The White Stripes – Icky Thump

Yes, 2007 was the year that The White Stripes came back with a bang…after the mixed reviews of ‘Get Behind Me Satan’, along with Meg’s modelling career, and Jack’s success in The Raconteurs, people were beginning to suspect that everything was over for the Stripes!! Out of nowhere, however, came the album that was recorded in 3 weeks, and that is one of the strongest White Stripes albums to date.

‘Icky Thump’ sees the band reverting back to the classic White Stripes formula – the heavy guitars and strong beats, replacing the more experimental, acoustic /piano approach seen on the previous album…and with this came the returning media praise, the ones who had criticised the ‘unfinished’ tone of ‘GBMS’.

It is shocking to think that the band recorded this album in three weeks, as it sounds so polished…so perfect, that it almost leaves me speechless as to how Jack White could do this…but the fact is, is that he can do this!!!

In terms of its musical quality, ‘Icky Thump’ is a stomping rock album, with different musical flourishes and experiments thrown in…see the synths on the title track, the trumpet on ‘Conquest’, and especially the bagpipes on ‘Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn’ and ‘St. Andrew’!!! Not something you would expect to hear on a White Stripes album, but they all work and fit together amazingly well! It is also nice to hear the slide guitar being brought back again more on this album, in particular on ‘Catch Hell Blues’ – a thundering slice of blues-rock…as well as the dirty rock of songs like ‘Bone Broke’ and ‘Little Cream Soda’, the guitars sounding better than ever!!!

At the same time, Jack White has written some more anthemic songs; ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’, ‘I’m Slowly Turning Into You’ and ‘Rag and Bone’, all have the makings of classic live songs – they capture the listener’s attention, and hold it throughout the whole album! The mixture of songs on ‘Icky Thump’ is perfectly formed, and makes this one of the strongest albums of the year, purely based on the strength of all the tracks!!!

For me, it seems hard to imagine a bad White Stripes album, and i’m glad that the band have come back with an album so strong – you could forgive Jack and Meg for perhaps not having their hearts in it anymore, due to their various distractions and the almost constant criticism of certain aspects of the band (i.e. Meg’s drumming, which is on fine form here!)…but this album is a testament to their dedication, and shows just how well the two of them work together.

Thinking about the bigger picture, this just makes me more excited for the new Raconteurs album, as this suggests that Jack White is in supreme form, as his guitar playing is mesmerising on this album, as are his music and lyrics!

So, i don’t think i could praise this album much more – it is just a great album, and all i can say now is, “Thank God for Jack White”!!! 😉


White Stripes Official

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…*tumbleweed blows past*…

Hmm…this week has been a surprisingly quiet week in terms of music, so this is only some short randomness to keep the blog ticking over!!!


The Cribs new single is out on the 29th October…and it’s gooooooood!!!Don’t you wanna be relevant is one hell of a catchy track that stays stuck in the head for days – i’ve pre-ordered, so i may do a second ‘Singled Out…’ post (exciting!).

Radiohead‘s manager has been murmuring about a world tour starting in May until the end of the year…doing shows on-and-off during that time…taking holidays for the rest of the time…aaaaahh the life of an international rockstar!!! Anyway, i hope that i will be able to get tickets this time… *crosses fingers hopefully*

The White Stripes have now released a range of (two different) cameras – one for Meg, one for Jack…and they are blooming expensive – it would cost me £240 for both or £120 for just one…and, although i love random things, i don’t love random things that much! If i had a load of spare money, then yes, i would buy, as the cameras do look quite cool, but alas…i do not!!!However, i must just say that i am disappointed that the White Stripes have resorted to selling these – i can’t help but feel that they are becoming more of a brand than a band…which is disappointing – let’s just hope that The Raconteurs come back soon so that Jack White can get back to doing what he does best – making music rather than selling his soul to commercialism!!!

Good news of the week, is that Brendan Benson has posted some new tracks on his website, which is currently undergoing a revamp – on first listen, they don’t sound as good as the demos he posted on his myspace a while back, but i think they might be growers (a bit long tho…) i still can’t wait for his album – i love all his others!!!

The Autumns and Andrew Bird are soon going to be in the UK to tour, and i can’t wait – it’s gonna be so good!!!

I have recently bought:

PJ Harvey – White Chalk

Hot Hot Hot – Happiness LTD

The Hives – The Black and White Album

Explosions In The Sky – All of a sudden, I miss everyone

Beach House – Beach House

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy EP

Some of these may appear as reviews soon…stay tuned… 🙂

that’s all for now…peace…a.b

The Cribs : Official Website

The White Stripes : Official

Brendan Benson : Official

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