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Albums of 2007 – Number 4: The Cribs


The Cribs – Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever

2007 will forever be known as the year that The Cribs produced the album they had always threatened to make. ‘The Cribs’ and ‘The New Fellas’ are lo-fi classics –  the basis  of the sound that they have produced on ‘MNWNW’, as the band have adapted the anthemic qualities of their previous two albums, and polished it up into an album that  sounds great.

Of course, this was to be expected when the band brought Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos in as their producer, as he knows all about producing commercial gems…songs that can appeal to the masses…and this is what The Cribs do. So many tracks on ‘MNWNW’ have sing-along choruses and memorable guitar riffs that should  firmly place The Cribs into the mainstream audience…

However, as the music industry goes, good music gets ignored, and although the band are now attracting a larger crowd, they are still not selling the amount of albums that they should be selling!!!

On the other hand, it is perhaps not crazy to suggest that the band are probably pleased about this, as they seem to be fuelled on anger towards the music industry and the ‘hipster scene’, as evidenced on their previous albums. Whilst the band do still take shots at the music industry (‘Our Bovine Public’), they have also matured, not only in their sound, but in their lyrics as well! The Cribs seem to have made the conscious decision to move away from their past, and are now adopting a much more mature and well-rounded approach to writing music!

Moving back on to more general issues…the album is an engaging listen, as it shifts from vicious slices of punk rock, ‘Men’s Needs’ and ‘Major’s Titling Victory’, to the almost lullaby-esque ‘Shoot The Poets’, to the more experimental, ‘Be Safe’, which is the most surprising track on the album, as it features Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo ranting/reciting poetry over the top of The Cribs’ wall-of-noise, with interjecting choruses from the Jarman brothers. This song could be a glimpse of the future in terms of The Cribs, and if it is, then it should be interesting to see what they sound like, as although it is the most different track on the album, it is also one of the best!!!

Other highlights include the slow-groove of ‘Women’s Needs’, the catchy rock of ‘My Life Flashed Before My Eyes’, and the all-out rock of ‘Ancient History’, with the great chorus of “I drag up ancient history, hope that they’ll forgive me”…Heck, if you keep producing great music like this Jarmans, then i would forgive you anything!!!

The key impact of this album, is that the sound is so crisp…the guitars are strengthened by layers and keyboards; the vocals, although still raw and aggressive, sound much more powerful; every song on the album is an immense listen; and the album as a whole just seems so perfectly finished and polished!!!

So, if this is the future of The Cribs, then i like it very much, and i can’t wait to hear what they are going to come up with next!!!

We hit the top three tomorrow…can you guess who they are and what order they will be in…argh…the suspense!!!


The Cribs Official

The Cribs Myspace


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Singled out…The Cribs – ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?’

*Unfortunately, i do not have the lyrics for this song, but a link to some discussion on them can be found here!!!


The Cribs release a third single from their ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ album, along with an exclusive new track, with new b-sides. This double A-side single has been released in three versions, a normal CD, a normal vinyl and a picture disc – which can all be ordered off the band’s website.

‘Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant’ is a continuation of the style of music on ‘MNWNW’, as The Cribs craft a song with the same venom and anti-conformity lyrics that have been present on all three previous albums, but in a much more mature way. The guitars are crisper, the vocals more tame, and the drums are pounding. It shows a true maturity in the band, as they adapt their former love of lo-fi recording and turn it into anthemic indie songs. As with most of the songs off the new album, the band are able to write another sing-along chorus, with the vocals bouncing over the guitar notes – a hook that can stay in your head for days!

Its partner in crime is the opening track from the new album, ‘Our Bovine Public’ – a short burst of angst against the commercial and false nature of the music industry (‘you would never exist without us’) . Again, this track is perfectly formed, as Ryan Jarman’s vocals are spat out with anger and disgust…with a strong backing from his brothers.

The final track on the CD version is another new track, ‘My Adolescent Dreams’, a song that could easily have come off the band’s first album – a much more lo-fi affair! Distorted vocals and guitar are the key feature here…with a short yet messy solo thrown into the middle of the song, whilst the end is an explosion of noise. This track is the sound of a band having fun, and who seem to be able to do no wrong!

A fine single then, from perhaps the best British band at the moment – let’s hope that The Cribs continue to have so much fun playing music, and that their next album will be another fine one! Hopefully, a review of their ‘MNWNW’ album will be up soon!!!

The Cribs Official

The Cribs Myspace

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…*tumbleweed blows past*…

Hmm…this week has been a surprisingly quiet week in terms of music, so this is only some short randomness to keep the blog ticking over!!!


The Cribs new single is out on the 29th October…and it’s gooooooood!!!Don’t you wanna be relevant is one hell of a catchy track that stays stuck in the head for days – i’ve pre-ordered, so i may do a second ‘Singled Out…’ post (exciting!).

Radiohead‘s manager has been murmuring about a world tour starting in May until the end of the year…doing shows on-and-off during that time…taking holidays for the rest of the time…aaaaahh the life of an international rockstar!!! Anyway, i hope that i will be able to get tickets this time… *crosses fingers hopefully*

The White Stripes have now released a range of (two different) cameras – one for Meg, one for Jack…and they are blooming expensive – it would cost me £240 for both or £120 for just one…and, although i love random things, i don’t love random things that much! If i had a load of spare money, then yes, i would buy, as the cameras do look quite cool, but alas…i do not!!!However, i must just say that i am disappointed that the White Stripes have resorted to selling these – i can’t help but feel that they are becoming more of a brand than a band…which is disappointing – let’s just hope that The Raconteurs come back soon so that Jack White can get back to doing what he does best – making music rather than selling his soul to commercialism!!!

Good news of the week, is that Brendan Benson has posted some new tracks on his website, which is currently undergoing a revamp – on first listen, they don’t sound as good as the demos he posted on his myspace a while back, but i think they might be growers (a bit long tho…) i still can’t wait for his album – i love all his others!!!

The Autumns and Andrew Bird are soon going to be in the UK to tour, and i can’t wait – it’s gonna be so good!!!

I have recently bought:

PJ Harvey – White Chalk

Hot Hot Hot – Happiness LTD

The Hives – The Black and White Album

Explosions In The Sky – All of a sudden, I miss everyone

Beach House – Beach House

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy EP

Some of these may appear as reviews soon…stay tuned… 🙂

that’s all for now…peace…a.b

The Cribs : Official Website

The White Stripes : Official

Brendan Benson : Official

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